Therapy can help

Relief, Growth and Change

are Possible


I am a board-certified Psychiatrist and a Psychoanalyst in private practice on Miami Beach. My approach is comprehensive, integrating psychological, social and genetic or biological factors. I see people for therapy and psychoanalysis and sometimes utilize medication. Therapy and psychoanalysis can help one move through life's challenges and conflicts, both external and internal, with more freedom and flexibility.

Exploring oneself, one's thoughts and feelings within a safe, private and supportive relationship, allows the opportunity to recognize patterns of thought and behavior which interfere with internal freedom and optimal functioning. These patterns may result in greater stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, struggles with relationships and intimacy, concerns about sexuality, body image, or interpersonal or family difficulties.

Sometimes these patterns can also result in one’s feeling “stuck,” repeating the same things over and over, finding change difficult, even when all else externally in life seems to be going “ok.” And, of course, the stress of any number of life’s challenges such as physical illness, death or loss, a life transition such as a move, job or career change, growing children or aging parents, separation/divorce, or even struggling with a difficult decision may also create a great deal of psychological pain.

Therapy and Psychoanalysis can help — Relief, growth and change are possible.